Eye/Facial Protection

Non-Fog Goggles $2 each

FDA Registered Medical Device ANSI Z87.1
10 pack $1.50 each
Unit Value

Top-of-the-line Non-fog eye protection safety wear suitable for caregivers and the general public.

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  • CV-MASK.COM protective safety splash-resistant goggles are made of clear, highly transparent, wear-resistant polycarbonate (PC) material. High-quality transparent lenses with anti-fog coating technology can protect the eyes and maintains a clear field of vision.
  • A fully adjustable head strap is suitable for all head sizes, designed for tight and comfortable wearing! Comprehensive anti-fog splashing prevents any invasion of tiny substances.
  • It is comfortable and dustproof with 360° fully sealed design laboratory goggles. The sealing edge is made of high-quality material, which fits the face very well and the soft texture provides a comfortable feel.  There is no pressure build-up.
  • They are ideal for workplaces, play and protecting the eyes from unwanted aggravation of pollutants and other aerosol particulate matter – ideal for close-up encounters, science, outdoor work, dust, soldering, railway, fabrication, respirator, work salon, frying, sawfly, shooting, workshop, eye protection DIY, lab, cycling sport, motorbike, ski, an aviator from rainwater or snow steam, chainsaw worker, cleaning, construction, desert, designer, electricians, engineers, infield work, joinery, laser, machining, manicure, mechanics, or just walking about for extra protection against pollution and air-borne virus.
  • The PC lens has high light transmittance and UV resistance.  It can be used in various situations, such as laboratory work, woodworking, mowing, gardening, drilling, sanding, welding, outdoor sports, etc.