CV MASK – Today’s world, today’s society, today’s threats require vigilance in safety to protect health.

Our company is founded on the principle of preparation for the long-term consequences of Covid-19 and subsequent outbreaks. We are humbled to have an opportunity to assist everyone in need of personal protection against corona viruses and future pandemics. We are a site dedicated to serving anyone and everyone who wants Medical Quality personal protection to keep disease at bay.

Is the integrity of your PPE important to you and your employees or family? It should be. When you buy here you are assured that medical quality specifications are achieved; where you receive the level of protection you expect. All products on this site are uniquely qualified by certifying organizations to perform as described. There are many PPE choices out there, but only one that you can count on to have its products certified every time.

Pathogenic organisms don’t have an agenda – as universal life-forms – they want to propagate. The whole of humanity has a long history with pandemics threatening the very existence of life itself. Pandemics have altered history, have lasted generations, and will continue to do so. This is a problem for the ages and we can learn from past pandemics to prepare for the one that is just beginning and for the future ones to come.

We cannot change the reality of it or pretend it does not exist or rely on the hope that it will go away. This point of view will only lead to more needless death and suffering. All we can do is conduct our own lives in the safest manner available to us. Every pandemic age has had to face this. Every community, every person must make that decision of how to do so on their own. For some the learning curve may be long.

It means we must be smart; we must be cautious; we must remain vigilant. It does not mean forever or even longer than a short while at a time; we don’t know this. But now, from time to time, this reality will be with us. Our manner of living will be altered, maybe forever. We will adapt. This is where opportunity in crisis reveals that for every correction in nature there is opportunity for redemption of humanity. We can begin to look out for each other not in fear, but in mutual admiration and respect.

We should now prepare ourselves for future environmental impacts on human health from the spread of world-wide disease. To that end we have begun to provide all the personal protective safety equipment products you, your family, your friends and neighbors, your colleagues and associates, will need to stay healthy and infection-free.

This website is meant to serve individuals, businesses, institutions and communities in urgent need of PPE equipment from the effects of pandemic disease such as the current coronavirus COVID-19.

The public is welcome to purchase their own supplies as available herein. For the general public there is no site quite like this one.

Stay prepared. Remain vigilant. Safety in Vigilance.

Company Announcements

We are able to offer a wide array of safety products to keep infectious diseases away from you, your friends, colleagues, and family from this website by May 15, 2020.

We are taking bulk orders for individuals, businesses, institutions and government buyers now.

Significant discounts are given to bulk buyers.

Our U.S. government contractor cage code is 8LQH4.

If you are buying a case pack or carton quantities, please click on the BULK PURCHASE tab at the top right of the page.

You do not have to be a company to purchase in bulk. Individuals may purchase in bulk also.