KN95 Nano Fiber Mask - 2 pack $1 each

Reusable Washable - Holds Filtration after 20 washes
2 pack @ $1 each
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The best alternative for daily protective wear by the general public because it is washable with a high filtration capacity >95-99%.

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Respirators with nanofiber fabric are optimal for daily use against smog, bacteria and other airborne viruses for 3 good reasons:

  1. Masks made of nanosized fibers have up to a 99.9% efficiency in stopping viruses and are very comfortable to wear.
  2.  Nanofiber masks are made up a thin non-woven fabric with a very low weight nanofiber coating that is ideal having flexible structure that easily passes moisture.
  3.  This process allows the masks to be washed regularly, and after 20 washings will still be able to filter about 94% of contaminants and retain its shape.