CV MASK LLC is looking for investors to make short term loans for purchases of container loads of nitrile and vinyl gloves.  These gloves are essential to first line responders and all care workers involved in the Covid-19 health response.  As well, these gloves are spread across many industries where any significant stock must be front-loaded 60-90 days in advance to supply the many critical industries using them.  Because of the current extreme shortage, the price of the type gloves used in health and palliative care rises weekly.

Nitrile and Vinyl gloves are the one PPE item where availability is scarce and will remain so.  Where there is availability, prices are high.  Since the start of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, the price has quadrupled for a box of gloves.  This equates to the price doubling every two months since April.  Cost increases will continue unabated until the Covid-19 health crisis is gone – or 3-5 years from now.  The reason is because latex is a naturally extracted product from the tree Hevea brasiliensis, the Pará rubber tree, sharinga tree, seringueira, or, most commonly, the rubber tree or rubber plant.  It is the most economically important member of the genus Hevea because the milky latex extracted from the tree is the primary source of natural rubber.

This is the same material that is used in producing nitrile, vinyl, latex and rubber gloves.  And gloves are a small fraction of the use of latex extract – think tennis shoes.  There is a finite amount that can be extracted and is the reason the cost of synthesized gloves utilizing latex is skyrocketing.  While indigenous to Brazil, this raw material today only comes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Viet Nam.  There is not enough latex raw material to meet the current demand due to Covid-19 coronavirus impact across the globe.

If you are interested in this opportunity to support CV MASK LLC and its national customers of corporate, governmental, organizational and public buyers while making a sure short-term 20% ROI, please call Michael Alexander’s direct line 503-992-6133.